Basis Of Homoeopathy

The basic philosophy behind the science of homoeopathy is dependent upon the law of the nature and nature is the ultimate healer.
Law of similia is one of the cardinal principles of homoeopathy. Logically arrived at, this healing principle is a true guide in the art of healing. Law of similia has its confirmation in the countless tests over the centuries and it has withstood the pressure of time and changing circumstances. Therefore it is rightly regarded as a universal principle
‘Similia similibus curenter’ is the Latin expression of the words ‘Let like be treated by likes’. Hahneman arrived at this therapeutic formula from the already existing law of nature ‘similia similibus curantar’ which means ‘like cures likes’. Hahnemann reached this law through inductive reasoning. He established the fact that this law is not of occasional occurance but of universal adaptability as a general law of permanent cure, for all physical and mental ailments of mankind.
It was Hahnemann who recognized the universality of this law and made it the basis of a complete system of homoeopathic medicine. According to this system, the choice of the medicine is fundamentally based on the principle that the medicine must have the capability of producing most similar symptoms of the disease to be cured in healthy persons.

SCIENTIFICITY OF LAW OF SIMILIA As the law of similia confirms to all requirements in the derivation of a law we can pronounce it as a scientific law. Any law is a scientific law when it satisfies the following requisites. 1) Collection of data, 2) Interpretation, 3) Formation of hypothesis, 4) Verification as a thesis Collection of data: Exact observation led Hahnemann to see that law of similars was dimly perceived by various physicians before his time like Hippocrates, Nicander , Xenocrates , Celsus, Galen , Valentine , Paracelsus etc . He got further proof in the records of proving and accidental cures. Many contemporaries also testified to the authencity of this principle. Hahnemann experimented upon himself, his family members and his followers. Interpretation: Through the accumulation of more data, Hahnemann was able to reduce the possibility of error and correctly interpret the observed facts. On the basis of observed data and experimentation, he was able to interpret. Guided by the inductive method of logic, the law of similars is a general law derived from various individual facts. Formation of hypothesis: A rational explanation that disease are cured by medicines that have the power to excite a similar affections was put forward.This lead to the formation of a hypothesis which further become a thesis. Verification: This general law was applied to each and every particular case of disease and the results obtained were studied. Thus Hahnemann through inductive and deductive logic laid the foundation of a true scientific system. By the application of this general law many diseases even new and previously unknown were successfully treated. Many observed and recorded facts of clinical trials over the centuries abounding the literature of homoeopathy also testifies to the validity of this law. Thus scientificity of similia was constructed through inductive logic and clinically verified through deductive method of logic. Law of similia ranks equal to the universal law of natural sciences. It not only establishes a relationship between proved drug and known disease phenomenon but also between unexplored medical wealth and undeveloped medical requirements of the sick i.e. new and unknown diseases can be successfully treated by collecting its totality of symptoms.
BASIS Individualization of treatment – treatment directed to the patient himself, through symptoms, rather than at the disease as a name. (He may not have the disease suspected.) All drugs recommended have had extensive human Experiment. We do not depend on guinea pigs, frogs, rabbits, etc., to outline the scope of medicine. (Drug proving.) By the homoeopathic method of using symptoms, the “totality” which is the third principle of homoeopathy, we can use symptoms as a guide, curatively, to eradicate the complex disease and not just palliative, as is seen in the other systems. The time-tested usefulness of homoeopathy. No Method of medical treatment could have lasted over 200 years in all climates, on all races and not be founded on truth or natural laws. Medical fads, fakes and delusions always run a course and are forgotten – not so homoeopathy. No drugging effect – no possible harm to the patient. Its modest cost and simple application. The non-deterioration of homoeopathic Preparations, which consist of pills, tablets and liquid potencies. They are clinically active indefinitely. It is the only system of using drugs that can be put in the hands of intelligent laymen without risk and with reasonable assurance of success. We would like to humbly take credit for being able to spread the benefit of homoeopathic remedies via the Internet to thousands of families all over the world. Our practice is working hard to spread the message of homoeopathy to people in every country, every city and every village across the globe.

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