Benefits of Homoeopathy

We are offering Homoeopathy as a serious alternative to conventional medicine. We mainly focus on diseases that are very challenging to the medical world. Homoeopathic system of medicine is very effective in both acute and chronic diseases. Hence we take it as a challenge to treat with a very high degree of success a simple cold to a complex cancer.

Homoeopathy has changed the lives of many of the individuals and families those who have lost hope completely because of their diseases. Our effort always has been to keep up to the expectations of the hope of our clients and we are confident enough that we will never let them down. We have listed a few of the points where a person needs to consider homoeopathy as their choice of medicine.

Of the many benefits which have been frequently told of homoeopathy, we have listed a few. Homoeopathy works in harmony with the immune system. Homoeopathic medicines are administered in minute doses that act gently and stimulate the body’s self-healing response so that the body recovers on its own to a healthy state. Therefore it gives long lasting to permanent cure. It can be used safely in pregnant and nursing women, children and infants and old aged people. Homoeopathic medicines usually do not have any side effects or adverse effects on the human being. Even if an incorrect remedy is given by accident, it can be completely and safely antidoted without any harm to the person. With Homoeopathy you can avoid surgery. Yes it’s true. Many of the so called surgical cases can be easily cured by homoeopathy safely with any destruction of the bodily tissues. Occasionally during treatment with homoeopathy, there are mild and short-lived aggravations in the symptom which pass off quickly followed by improvements in the symptoms of a person. This symptom aggravation is actually regarded as a good sign that implies the correctness of the homeopathic remedy prescribed. It can be used for chronic or acute conditions. Many believe that homoeopathy is a medicine for chronic diseases. But believe us, in acute conditions, homoeopathic medicines act very swiftly compared to the conventional medicines. It is an individualized system of medicine which treats the person as a whole entity and not merely a part of the body or particular symptoms. Therefore, in homoeopathic treatment, if two persons are being treated for the same condition, there approach and medicines prescribed will be different as no two individuals in this whole world are the same Homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing. This is the only science in the world that involves the body, mind, emotions, and spirit of the person being treated with Homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic remedies are typically inexpensive and therefore provide an affordable approach to healing. Homeopathic remedies can be stored for long periods of time. Homeopathic medicine is non-invasive therapy and there are many studies proving the effectiveness of homeopathy, when used correctly. In many cases we will be able to provide you with a fixed time frame for the cures depending upon our past experiences and our exposure to such cases. However the suggested time frame is usually not fixed. Homeopathy has been shouldering the responsibility of treating extremely chronic conditions. During homoeopathic treatment, we have made an observation that many of the patients are or were under the conventional treatments. When we start the homoeopathic treatments, we either advice them to stop or slowly taper those conventional medicines they have been taking depending upon the action of our medicines. In such cases, we find elevated or deviated readings in the investigation reports when the conventional medicines are withdrawn. This is not a result of the homeopathic medicines but a consequence of withdrawing the conventional medicines. Homeopathy does not directly substitute the conventional medicines but works towards rectifying your body as a whole. It may start working normally and bring your readings back to normal. This takes time. There is no reason to panic. Ultimately you shall be benefitted. Homeopathic medicines work best when used alone. No other medicines apart from homoeopathy should be used along, until and unless suggested by the doctor. The immune system of the body shall recover at its unrestrained best then only.

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