ONLINE CONSULTATION – AN OVERVIEW Today India has gone Digital, and the need of the hour is Online Medical Consultation. I believe, you agree with me that in recent times online Medical consultation has become very popular and convenient. In India presently it is growing at a very fast pace. The usage of smart phones, tabs and portable computers with an internet connection has made this very easy. Though there is lot of pessimism in the general public regarding online consultation with doctors in India, the opinion and way of thinking of the public is eventually changing and India will consult only online with doctors in the years to come. And for this we have to change the thought process of the public by educating them. One can consult us in his or her free time by fixing a prior appointment with us. There is no headache of travelling in traffic, no exposure to air and sound pollution, and the most convenient part delivery of medicines at your door steps. Therefore there is a need to think over in this digitally growing India. Homoeopathy specially is one medical science which will prove very effective for online consultation. This is because of the fact that homoeopathic treatment is a symptom based treatment. If the doctor is given a correct picture of the symptoms he is suffering from irrespective of the diagnosis, the doctor will be able to prescribe precisely the medicines for recovery. In more than 90 % of the cases, a Homoeopathic Doctor needs to actually talk with the patient (rather than physical examination) for his analysis and treatment aspect. Their fore the patients should know and be assured that they are being given the best and genuine treatment with Homoepathy.
Book an appointment online at our website by filling the required credentials. You need to provide your name, complete address, mobile number, aadhar card number (for Indians), email ID, etc. You need to agree with our terms and conditions of the company before registration. You shall receive a confirmation email and the date and time of online consultation shall be fixed by mutual consent. As soon as the appointment is fixed, an email, a SMS confirmation will be sent to the patient indicating the time, the doctor and approximate time which shall take for case taking.
Online filling of a pro-forma of the case taking is sent to the patient’s email instantly, so that the patient will be ready for the questions asked by the doctors. You can also reply to the same email ID without changing the subject, with attached previous relevant reports, previous prescriptions, in many of the usually used formats like jpeg, pdf etc., A call from the customer care of our company (if nessasary) will follow, explaining the patient the finer details of the consultation process.
Then at the prefixed consultation time, we shall connect you on skype, and the doctor shall take the case online. The consultation time may vary from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. ID number of patients, shall be informed through email and SMS
After the consultation, you need to pay us. Patients who connect with us for online consultations make payments using Electronic fund Transfers directly through the bank by adding our account number in the transfer list. Option of cash deposit in the prescribed bank (SBI bank/SBH Bank/Canara bank) near your place. Pricing details shall be corresponded with you on email and SMS. You shall also be informed about the treatment package, monthly pack, half yearly and yearly package.
Dispensing of medicines, shall be done once we receive the payment and the medicines shall be sent to you through speed post within India. We have been dealing with patients online throughout the globe from many countries. We ship medicines to all the cities within India through Indian government speed post. Off late it has become difficult to send the medicines out of India, because of security reasons. Yet we have a few courier services that send medicines abroad, but with a high cost. Contact us to know more about shipping the medicines abroad.
Within India - You should receive the medicines within 3 working days of dispatch. Delay occours only when there is a government holiday. After we despatch the medicines, we shall send the scanned copy of the postal department reciept with the consignment no to your whatapp number or email so that You can track your consignment online at
Abroad / Outside India - You should receive the medicines within 10 working days. There are occasional delays when the consignment is inspected at the port of entry of your country. After we despatch the medicines, we shall send the scanned copy of the courier service with the consignment no to your whatapp number or email so that You can track your consignment online at the courier website.
Please use the website / chat box / email / whatapp to correspond whenever possible. We promise to reach you at the earliest with a solution to your queries. The Clinic deals with many patients every day. Therefore we request everybody to make calls only when it is extremely necessary to the doctor.

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